#42 | Elo: 2006
#18 | Elo: 2115
Probabilities (Home/Draw/Away): 34% | 29% | 36%
Points exchanged: /

Goal difference estimate based on historical outcomes

  • Between BSC Young Boys and Bayer Leverkusen there is a total rating difference of -9 (= 2006 + 100 (homebonus) - 2115).
  • This prediction is based on 1789 historical games with the same rating constellation.
  • Note: The smaller the sample size, the more likely the distribution of historical outcomes will deviate from the theoretical probabilities quoted above.

Head-to-Head statistics for BSC Young Boys versus Bayer Leverkusen before 2021/02/18

No data available.

Historical and season performance for BSC Young Boys and Bayer Leverkusen

BSC Young Boys versus Bayer Leverkusen: all previous games

No data available.

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