Top 10 (as of 2024-06-19 00:41 CET)

Rank Club Rating
1 ManCity
2 Real
3 Inter
4 Arsenal
5 Leverkusen
6 Liverpool
8 Barca
9 Bayern
10 Leipzig

Management Quality

The development of a Management Quality Index (MQX) is in progress: Assuming that the ratings are truly reflective of what they aim to measure, they could - combined with a team's market value data - provide an input to estimate the management quality of a club.
See this blog entry for an outline of the general idea.

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Selected season: 2020-2021

Top 50 Club Elo ranking and games in 2020/21

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Date Competition Home Form (last 4) Probabilities:


Away Form (last 4)
2024/07/20 Belgium Supercup Club Brugge KV2043 D/-4 D/-4 W/+10 D/-7 49 27 24 Union Saint-Gilloise2020 W/+7 D/+4 W/+8 W/+6
2024/08/03 Portugal Supercup Sporting CP2133 W/+1 W/+2 W/+1 L/-11 46 28 26 FC Porto2133 W/+3 W/+1 W/+8 W/+11
2024/08/04 Netherlands Supercup PSV Eindhoven2125 W/+6 W/+2 D/-8 W/+1 52 26 22 Feyenoord2075 W/+6 W/+2 W/+5 W/+1
2024/08/10 Community Shield Manchester City2404 W/+5 W/+6 W/+1 L/-17 77 15 8 Manchester United2102 L/-8 W/+8 W/+18 W/+17
2024/08/10 France Supercup Paris Saint-Germain2196 L/-27 W/+7 W/+4 W/+5 63 21 15 AS Monaco2051 L/-9 W/+4 W/+14 W/+4
2024/08/14 Supercup Real Madrid2364 W/+2 D/-5 D/-9 W/+13 69 19 12 Atalanta2165 W/+7 W/+29 W/+5 L/-17
2024/08/17 Germany Supercup VfB Stuttgart2121 D/+6 W/+17 W/+6 W/+6 34 29 37 Bayer Leverkusen2235 W/+6 W/+1 L/-29 W/+1